About us

Dead At 27 is a Welsh rock band from Caerphilly, South Wales and was formed in October 2016. Founded through the dissolve of other bands that front man Nathan Gratton-Smith and bassist Mitch Casey had been involved with. A two-man project proceeded to become a trio when drummer Chris Lerwell took to his post after a successful audition at Pirate Studios, Cardiff. From that audition, Dead At 27 was born. The band got its name from the infamous ‘27 Club’, a club famous for the deaths of rock stars and musicians who all died aged 27. In February this year the band recorded their debut and self titled EP at Studio Toy in Cardiff with recording engineer and music producer Dan Humphries. Since the EP’s release, Dead At 27 has continued to grow playing shows across the UK and with the addition of a new member in second guitarist Dave Griffiths who joined the band in May. This new addition enabled the band to move in to the new direction they were seeking and to replicate the already recorded songs when playing live. In July, Dead At 27 featured on BBC radio with show presenter Adam Walton reviewing the track as ‘Vicious excellent noise’ and ‘That’s got all the things that makes me most excited about rock music’ and so far is the biggest media achievement to date for the boys in Dead At 27. Now a four piece, the band have been working hard writing new material for their upcoming recording in November. Recording will take place over five days in the Free House Studios in Bristol with engineer and producer Sam Dyson.